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    28th May 5:45 - 8:00 PM

    An opportunity for local businesses in Rutland and the surrounding area to come together, connect, and build their local network.

    Guest speaker: Ricky Locke

    Magical Resilience: Taking Responsibility in Times of Challenge

    Be inspired to UNLOCK your full potential

    In this fun, humorous and engaging keynote, Ricky shares practical strategies and tools for building resilience in the face of change and challenges. Drawing on his expertise as a professional magician, confidence coach, personal experience, and research on positive psychology, NLP and resilience, Ricky will help the audience understand the importance of taking responsibility for your mental health and well-being in both their personal and professional lives to UNLOCK the best version of themselves and live an extraordinary life. 

    The Benefits of this talk

    • Gain insights on how to control your response to life's events and opportunities
    • Enhance well-being by re-writing your self-limiting beliefs and achieving your goals
    • Learn practical tips for building resilience and coping with change and adversity
    • Walk away with actionable steps to create a more positive, resilient mindset and approach to business and life
    • Engaging presentation with fun relatable stories, case examples, and research-based insights
    • Interactive elements with magical entertainment to keep the audience engaged and involved in the discussion
    • Q&A session for participants to ask questions and get personalized advice


    About Ricky Locke

    Ricky Locke is a speaker, award-winning magician of The Magic Circle, CEO of the Confident Club & host of the Unlocked podcast. With an extensive background in Retail leadership, colleague development & training, over the last 15 years, as well as running his own business, he's been on the front line in one of the UK's biggest retailers; performing, serving, studying and putting to practice a simple formula on how to UNLOCK the best version of ourselves to achieve extraordinary results! 

    Through his own experience and amazing adventures, he now wants to help inspire others to UNLOCK their full potential and live extraordinary lives.

    Meet and connect with local businesses

    Of course, in addition to hearing from our key speakers, there will also be a great chance to meet, collaborate and network with other businesses in a welcoming and relaxed meeting.

    This event is open to all businesses operating in and around the Rutland area.


    Tickets cost £15.00 per person, including bowl food and one drink.

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