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  • Many couples now choose to live together rather than get married. Often partners in this situation are referred to as ‘common-law’ husbands or wives, but in fact there is no such legal status.

    When a couple who were living together (or co-habiting) decide to separate, there are some special issues to consider, we can help with advice regarding your situation.

    Whether you are considering living with a partner and would like advice regarding the legal implications of living together, or you are separating after living together, we can offer help and advice. We will arrange to have a meeting during which we will take the details of your situation and give an indication of costs (including if you are eligible for financial assistance) for any action you decide upon.

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    Can I Make Some Arrangements To Protect My Interests Before We Start Living Together?

    Nobody wants to think about the end of a relationship as you are about to start living together, but you could make some simple arrangements to protect your interests in the future. We will be able to advise you how to protect your interests before you either buy or rent a property together. Contact to ask about your options.

    What Are The Differences Between Living Together & Being Married?

    The main difference between co-habiting and being married is that there is full legislation to deal with the separation or divorce of married couples, whereas there are no such law governing co-habiting.

    Separating After Cohabitation

    If you choose to separate after living with a partner there can be a number of things to consider, such as child contact and living arrangements, the family home and the division of assets. We can offer support and advice regarding your rights and entitlements and recommend the best way forward. If matters can be settled without the need to go to Court, it will generally be better for the parties involved, and certainly less expensive.

    Buying Property Together

    Many people now buy a property together whether as siblings, parents & children, friends, married or unmarried couples.

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