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  • Domestic violence can take many different forms and can happen to anyone in all types of relationship.

    If you are experiencing domestic violence or abuse, our team of family solicitors are here to advise and support you. 

    We understand the emotional and physical effects of domestic violence and offer a practical and sensitive approach.

    Domestic violence is the pattern of controlling and aggressive behaviour from one person towards another within the contact of an intimate relationship.

    It can happen to anyone in all kinds of relationships.

    People suffer domestic violence regardless of their class, age, race, disability, sexuality, gender or lifestyle. The abuse can start at any time.

    Domestic violence can be: physical, sexual, psychological, emotional, financial or social isolation.

    Examples include:


    • Intimidation
    • Using emotional abuse – calling you names, playing mind games, and humiliating you
    • Isolation – controlling who you see and what you do
    • Using children – threatening to take the children away to hurt them
    • Using power and control
    • Using economic control – preventing you from getting a job, controlling the amount of money you have
    What to do if you are experiencing domestic violence:
    • Make a safety plan and prepare to leave. There are lots of organisations who can help you.
    • Seek advice within 3 weeks of any incident. It is harder to prove you received injuries after this time
    • Report incident to the police. They are specially trained and are used to helping people who are suffering domestic violence.
    • Keep a detailed record of what is happening. Record details of when, where, what, injuries received etc
    • Get legal help. We will try to see you as soon as possible, sometimes on the same day.
    How can we help you?

    Your solicitor can:

    • Send a warning letter (for all types of abuse)
    • If warning letter ignored, possibly start injunction proceedings
    What Is An Injunction?

    An injunction can prevent threats or use of violence, harassment and pestering. For example, it may forbid an ex-partner from making contact with their former partner, or from coming within a certain distance from the home.

    If the Injunction is breached, the perpetrator (attacker) can be arrested with a warrant, and brought to the court within 24 hours.

    Emergency injunction – your solicitor may be able to get an emergency injunction within 48 hours of reporting the incident. The perpetrator (attacker) will not be present at court.

    What About The Children?

    Often people stay with their partner because they are worried about what will happen to the children. You don’t have to leave your children behind, they can go with you to a refuge.

    How Much Will A Solicitor Cost?

    Experiencing problems at home, can be difficult and distressing. You may be unsure how to proceed and may just want to find out what your options are before taking any further action.

    We offer an initial meeting where you can talk to one of our highly qualified solicitors for initial advice about your case from just £250 + VAT. We also offer a number of family fixed fee packages to help you control your costs.

    Remember, you are not alone.


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