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    If you are facing financial challenges, involving us early can open up more options and improve the outcome for you and your business.

    At Hegarty we find the positives, but we never overlook the commercial realities.

    We advise businesses, directors, shareholders and creditors on issues around debt, insolvency and recovery. Where money is owed, we work quickly and decisively towards putting things right.

     That could be:

    • Negotiating repayment terms
    • Advising on ways of saving all or part of a company
    • Managing the distribution of assets
    • Minimising personal liability
    • Guiding you through the processes of administration or liquidation
    • Company voluntary arrangements or liquidation
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    We may be able to improve your position, however advanced the problem; involving us early on opens up more options for you. This has helped save companies from being wound up, company directors from being disqualified and creditors from relinquishing debts.

    Practical and effective debt and insolvency advice

    Our skill is in taking a situation, from the straight-forward to the complex, and designing a way out that works on a corporate or an individual level with practical and effective advice.

    Whatever your issue, your business sector or your wider commercial considerations, we have the expertise to deliver the very best legal support. 

    Drawing on the know-how of our dispute resolution, employment law and property teams where necessary, we offer a full service debt and insolvency specialism that is relied on and recommended by clients throughout the UK and overseas.

    Key contacts

    Andrew Hornsby


    Dispute Resolution

    Kally Singh


    Senior Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution

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