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  • Entering long term care can be a difficult and distressing time, with lots of decisions to be made. The Hegarty Care Team offer specialist support and legal advice to assist with care decisions and issues.

    We can guide you through the options available and offer guidance and support, at what is often an emotional time.

    Practical support and advice when making care decisions

    One of the main worries that people have about their future or that of their older relatives is the issue and concern around entering long term care.  We all hope that we will have the choice to stay living in our own homes.

    However, that is not always possible and unfortunately due to the protection and safeguarding of a person’s health, entering care may be necessary.

    This can be a worrying and distressing time for the person and their families. A lot of decisions will need to be made such as what care home to go to, care home contracts, who is to pay for the care, what to do with personal possessions and perhaps a property.

    There may be legal decisions that need to be made around wills, lasting powers of attorney or capacity issues and decision making, therefore it is imperative specialist legal advice is sought.

    Other concerns can be around the assessment of needs and financial assessments undertaken by the Local Authority.

    What if I don’t agree with the Local Authority assessment?

    Unfortunately, disputes do arise around assessments especially around calculations of capital and income.  

    It may be that the local authority is challenging a gift in the past, or calculating an asset in when it should be disregarded or perhaps an issue around the level of the income that is required to be paid, in respect of the care contribution. 

    Our Care Team can offer help and advice to challenge Local Authority decisions.

    The Hegarty Care Team can assist with:

    • Best interest decisions and capacity issues
    • Advice around needs and financial assessments
    • Care Home Contracts
    • Lasting Powers of Attorney
    • Challenging Local Authority Decisions
    • NHS Continuing Health Care
    • Protective Will Trusts
    • Safeguarding
    • Property Issues

    Quick and efficient care home contract reviews

    When a loved one moves into a care home it can be an emotional time with a lot to consider. Care Homes fees can be substantial and you will be required to sign a contract to agree to terms of the services to be provided.

    Our team of specialist solicitors can provide a comprehensive review of the contract to ensure the terms meet your requirements and are fair

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    Head of Wills, Trusts and Probate Department

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    Wills, Trusts and Probate

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