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  • When money problems take hold it can be difficult to see a way out. At Hegarty we can help.

    We specialise in advising individuals who are facing bankruptcy, or who are owed money by somebody who is declaring bankruptcy. Each scenario has its challenges and stresses, but getting the right legal advice at the right time could deliver the lifeline you need.

    As bankruptcy lawyers we deal with cases at all stages in the bankruptcy process. 

    You may be struggling to manage your debts and see bankruptcy as an inevitability. 

    Perhaps you have had a bankruptcy order made against you and want advice about what to do next. Or you may need advice about the steps you can take to force a debtor to pay back what they owe you.

    Whatever the situation, the earlier you involve us the better because we can usually improve your position. That could be by helping you avoid bankruptcy completely, negotiating with creditors, advising on options including Individual Voluntary Arrangements and Debt Relief Orders, or applying to set aside a statutory demand or annul your bankruptcy.

    It is important to remember that in every debt-related scenario there are things that can be done, for the better. Even the most complex, chaotic financial circumstances are capable of being brought back into shape. It just takes some straight-talking, clear guidance, and legal and practical expertise. That is what we deliver.

    More information

    If your business is in difficulty, see our debt & insolvency section for more information on how we can help.

    Key contacts

    Andrew Hornsby


    Dispute Resolution

    Kally Singh


    Senior Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution

    Isabella Green

    Trainee Solicitor | Litigation

    Jack Przedborski

    Solicitor | Wills, Trusts and Probate

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