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  • Q.  My neighbour is landscaping their garden, and I have heard from a mutual friend that they plan to knock down the boundary wall between our properties and replace it with a bamboo fence.  I’m not happy about this.  Is there anything I can do to prevent it?A. The first thing to establish here is who owns the boundary wall and/or whose responsibility it is to maintain the boundary wall.  Usually your title deeds will reveal this information and of course it is now possible to look online on the Land Registry website for this information.If the boundary wall belongs to you or is in the joint ownership of yourself and your neighbour then your neighbour will need your consent to it being knocked down.  If on the other hand the boundary wall belongs to your neighbour, then they are within their rights to knock it down and replace it with a bamboo fence.   In this situation it would be worth talking with them and perhaps suggesting that you would be willing to contribute towards the cost of a more sturdy alternative.  The important thing here is not to rely upon what you might be told by others, but rather to have a proper discussion with your neighbour direct.Kally Singh, Partner

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