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  • 11 May 2018

    Do I need permission of the court to have contact with my grandchild?

    A. Where there is a relationship breakdown, the parents will normally agree the child’s contact arrangements between themselves and as a  family relative, your contact with your grandchild will also be agreed.Unfortunately, this is not always the case and as a last resort, you may have to issue court proceedings. However, before you can even issue your contact application you may need to seek permission of the court first.  The court will consider the nature of your proposed application, your connection with your grandchild and any risk your application would have in disrupting your grandchild’s life so that he or she would be harmed by it.If you have played a role in the child’s life and developed a strong bond and are not considered a risk then the court is likely to grant you permission to issue your application.If you would like any further information on such issue then please contact our Family Solicitor Pavinder Khela at our Stamford Office 01780 752066 or email her directly on pavinder.khela@hegarty.co.uk

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