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  • 14 May 2018

    I'm getting married, what do I need to think about from a legal perspective?

    Relationships are about connection; they are what life is all about. New relationships bring with them all sorts of change, from new family structures to shared responsibilities. The start of a new relationship can be a good time to make or review your plans for the future and to make sure your interests are protected, no matter what the future brings. Here are a few things to think about:

    Pre-Nuptial Agreements

    Once thought of as being just for celebrities and the very wealthy, these arrangements are now more widely used to protect assets on divorce or separation. A properly drafted pre-nuptial agreement can influence a court’s decision on how assets are divided when a relationship breaks down and so offers some peace of mind as well as practical benefits. Talk to our family law department about protecting your interests before you embark on marriage or civil partnership.

    Co-habitation Agreements

    Unmarried couples who are living together do not have the same rights and legal protections as married couples or those in a civil partnership. Think about protecting yourself through a co-habitation agreement once the decision to live together has been made. It can make your positions and financial responsibilities clear and can even prevent a bitter legal wrangle if things turn sour. Contact our family law department or take a look at our guide to living together for more information.

    Civil Partnership Agreements

    Our family law team can advise you on the financial implications of forming a civil partnership. A pre-partnership agreement (similar to a pre-nuptial agreement) sets out your respective rights and obligations and can help make your position and your partner’s position clear. If your relationship breaks down, we will help you apply the agreement and safeguard your interests through and beyond the civil partnership dissolution process.

    Estate Planning & Wills

    Thinking about what should happen to your assets when you die is a gloomy subject and one that is all too often put off until a later date. At Hegarty Solicitors our Wills, Trusts and Wealth Management specialists make it easy, helping you focus on practical, tax-efficient solutions. With our help, you can be safe in the knowledge that your estate is in order and your loved ones are looked after when you are no longer around.

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