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  • 22 Sept 2017

    Should I register a Matrimonial Homes Right Notice?

    A.  If your relationship has broken down and the former matrimonial home is registered in the name of your husband or wife, then the Matrimonial Homes Notice gives you the right to live in the former matrimonial home undisturbed and not be made to leave. Also, you will still have such rights, even if you have left the former matrimonial home. 

    You should register your Matrimonial Homes Notice at the Land Registry and this will notify any potential future Buyer or Lender of your rights in relation to the former matrimonial home. Such Notice will be registered until you both reach a financial agreement or a court order is made.  You will then remove your Matrimonial Homes Notice by sending a form to the Land Registry which is a straight forward exercise.

    If you require further advise in relation to this issue or any other family matter, please contact Pavinder Khela our experienced matrimonial solicitor based at our offices in Stamford on 01780 752066 or email her direct to Pavinder.Khela@hegarty.co.uk

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