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  • 28 Feb 2018

    What is the Annulment of Marriage?

    A. Annulment is a declaration by the court the marriage is not legally valid; if granted you are treated as if you were never married.You would have to show that the marriage never existed from the outset: where you are too closely related to each other; or either of you was under the age of 16 at the time of the ceremony, or one of you was already married or in a civil partnership.Alternatively, you would have to show the marriage is valid up until the point you obtain your Decree of Nullity: such as non-consummation either due to incapacity or wilful refusal by one party; or lack of consent, for example, if you were too drunk or forced to marry. It would also apply where one party suffers from a mental disorder which made them unfit for marriage.If you wish to seek further advice as to whether you should apply for annulment or divorce, then please contact our Family Solicitor Pavinder Khela at our Stamford Office on 01780 752066 or email directly to Pavinder.Khela@hegarty.co.uk.

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