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  • If the coronavirus outbreak has taught us nothing else, it is a good reminder that none of us know what is around the corner and events can take us all by surprise. For this reason, you really should consider making a will or updating yours if it is over 10 years old. Although none of us really want to think about end of life issues, it is a certainty that we will die at some point, so it makes sense to make plans to help protect our loved ones for when the time comes. Here are some of the main reasons to make a will and almost everyone will have at least one reason.

    • To check your inheritance tax position to ensure that you won’t unnecessarily burden your loved ones with tax. As standard at Hegarty Solicitors we review your position when we draft wills and can offer advice to avoid paying unnecessary tax.
    • To give the power of looking after your estate to those you trust. This can be especially important where you are concerned that the people who would otherwise inherit may not get along.
    • To provide differently to the Intestacy rules. The law dictates what happens to your money should you die without a will. Do you know what that is? Are you happy with that? Even if you are happy with that now, would you want it to remain the same if your circumstances change?
    • To protect your estate from care home fees. Believe it or not, your will can be the best way to protect your money from care home fees. This will not work for everyone in all circumstances, but there’s no harm in asking us.
    • To protect your children from your partner or spouse remarrying and accidentally (or purposefully!) disinheriting your children.
    • To appoint guardians for your minor children.

    At Hegarty Solicitors our Wills, Trusts and Probate Team are experienced in drafting wills and providing tax advice from the most straightforward, to the most complex of circumstances; we can ensure that you receive the advice you need based upon your individual circumstances. Making a will is not as complex or frightening as many people assume. We will want to know about your family, your assets and what it is you wish to achieve for those you care about. After that we can guide you through the process explaining the advantages and disadvantages. You can rest assured that your matter will be in the hands of an expert guiding you through the process throughout. So don’t put it off any further, contact us today to find out more and book a time to talk to an expert. 

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