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  • With one of our family law fixed fee packages there are no hidden charges, so you know exactly how much you will be paying from the outset.

    Control your Costs with our Family Law Fixed Fee Packages

    Experiencing problems at home, particularly when children are involved, can be difficult and distressing. 

    You may be unsure how to proceed and may just want to find out what your options are before taking any further action. We offer an initial meeting where you can talk to one of our highly qualified family law solicitors for initial advice about your family case for just £250 + VAT plus £18.00 for an ID check.

    We also offer a specialised consultation for initial advice on pre-nuptial agreements from £250 + VAT.

    Fixed Fee Divorce Package

    Option A – Petitioner

    Our fixed fee is for all work required for conclusion of an undefended divorce; preparation of the Petition and accompanying documentation; correspondence with the Court to achieve the finalisation by way of Final Order.

    Our new fixed fee divorce package costs just £300+VAT plus court fees to act for a sole or joint applicant or a respondent in a divorce. The new price for the Hegarty fixed fee divorce applies from 6 April for divorces issued under the new law.

    Our fixed fee divorce package does not include the following services:

    1. If the Petition becomes defended or needs to be amended since it has been issued.
    2. Any advice and proceedings related to property, finances and children.
    3. Where the other party cannot be located or fails to respond and requires personal service.

    In these situations, please contact us and we will be happy to provide a bespoke quote for your divorce.

    Option B – Respondent

    If you are a Respondent to a Petition issued by your spouse and the Petition is undefended then to represent you throughout the divorce to finalisation and Final Order.

    This does not include any advice in respect of finances, property or children. If you need further advice, please contact us for a bespoke quote tailored to your individual circumstances.

    Other Fixed Fee Packages

    Pre-Nuptial Agreement

    This is for the preparation of an agreement to be entered into voluntarily with each party having received independent legal advice and must be signed at least 21 days before the wedding.

    We will obtain from you all the required information and advise you and create an agreement for signature. We will also correspond with your partner to finalise the Deed.

    Initial advice appointment – £250 + VAT

    Parental Responsibility Agreement

    We will draft the Agreement and advise upon the process for signature, arrange for it to be lodged in Family Division and thereafter send official copies to you when we receive them.

    Applications To The Court On Children’s Issues

    Option A – Applicant

    This covers an application to the Court for a Residence Order, Contact Order, Specific Issue Order, Prohibited Steps Order and Parental Responsibility Orders. It includes completing the application and issuing it at Court and arranging for service of the same upon the former spouse/partner, together also with representation at first hearing.

    Option B – Respondent

    To include defending any of the above applications and representation at the first hearing.

    Domestic Violence

    Option A - Initial Advice

    To give initial advice and write warning letter to former spouse/partner.

    Option B - Applicant

    To include as Applicant making an Emergency Application to the Court. Completing all necessary documentation, preparing statements and obtaining supporting evidence. Attending Court to issue, arrange for service and to cover representation.

    Option C - Respondent

    As Respondent to such proceedings being issued seeking Non-Molestation/Occupation Order and to include representation at the hearing.

    Change Of Name Deeds*, Statutory Declarations, Affidavits For Marriages Abroad

    To include the taking of instructions and the preparation of the documentation for signature. To include all required certified copies.

    Our fees £110 + VAT and oath fee if applicable

    *Please note that if the Change of Name Deed relates to a child then any consent to change the name must already have been obtained in writing.

    Key contacts

    Chris Brown


    Partner | Head of the Family Department

    Pavinder Khela

    Associate Solicitor | Family Law

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